Woodruff Key Seat Cutter

Woodruff Key Seat Cutter

Saw,Blade and Cutter


  •  It is commonly used for general purpose applications on both ferrous and nonferrous materials.

  • 1/2" (10mm)straight shank

  • Straight tooth cutters are used for lighter and thinner cutting operations. They have more teeth than staggered cutters for a finer finish on the workpiece.

  • Uncoated tools do not feature supportive treatments on the cutting edge. They are are used at reduced speeds for general applications on nonferrous metals.

Item No.Specification
296-30119PCS/SET(10.5X2,10.5X3,19.5X4,19.5X5,19.5X6,22.5X5,22.5X6,28.5X8,32.5X10)packed in wooden stand